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The Fellows

The group emerged from the selection process in Senegal in May 2013, and accomplished the Kick-Off Workshop in October 2013. The international expert committee concluded that 11 shortlisted candidates be awarded the fellowship grant.

The fellows were chosen as they address significant phenomena and problems which account for social and cultural transformations in African societies and polities and as they apply innovative conceptual and methodical approaches. Furthermore, they bring to bear professional expertise which has widely been neglected in previous research or aspire to go beyond disciplinary boundaries and limitations.

Dr. Wazi Apoh

Dr. Thomas John Biginagwa

Dr. Pastory Magayane

Dr. Moulay Driss
El Maarouf

Dr. Meron Zeleke Eresso

Dr. Alexandra Esimaje

Dr. Remadji Hoinathy

Dr. Obvious Katsaura

Dr. Plan Shenjere-Nyabezi

Dr. Halkano Abdi Wario

Dr. Matthew