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Dr Plan Shenjere-Nyabezi

Project: The Past in the Present: The Zimbabwe Culture and other Archaeological Heritage in north-western Zimbabwe

It is proposed to carry out archaeological, ethnoarchaeological, ethnohistorical as well as cultural heritage management research at three important and major, but less well known Zimbabwe Tradition sites of Bumbusi, Shangano and Mtoa and other archaeological heritage sites in the Hwange landscape in north western Zimbabwe. Although some historical research has been carried out in the area, resulting in the projection of links being drawn between Zimbabwe Tradition sites and development of the important pre-colonial Nambya state, very limited archaeological and heritage management research has been conducted in north western Zimbabwe. Despite its national and regional significance, comparatively, not as much research has been carried out on the Zimbabwe Tradition across the country, except at the major sites.

This research is expected to expand our knowledge of the Zimbabwe tradition and understanding of state formation in southern Africa, reconstruction of past climates, bridging knowledge gap between ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology and archaeology, provide meaningful community involvement in archaeological and heritage management research. The proposed research is informed by the thinking processes of conventional theories in archaeology - processualism and post-processualism in a form which considers the importance of local African contexts. Appropriate methodological approaches will include site surveys and documentation, geophysical work and excavations, stable isotope analysis, ethnoarchaeology and documentation of oral histories among the Nambya and Tshwa.

CV Dr Shenjere-Nyabezi

Current status:Senior Postdoctoral Fellow - Volkswagen Foundation's Knowledge for Tomorrow Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities in Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa
2012:Ph.D - Archaeology, University of Dar es Salaam
2006:MA - Archaeology, University of Dar es Salaam
2001:BA Honours in Archaeology, University of Zimbabwe

BA General, University of Zimbabwe


 detailed CV Dr Shenjere-Nyabezi

Post-Doc partner

Dr Shenjere-Nyabezi's Post-Doc partner is Dr Stefanie Wefers at Mainz University for Applied Sciences, Germany.